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Road Accident

Another Road Accident Has Taken Lives of Innocent People and Others Left Injured on This Road

A road traffic accident has been talking of the day. Many people have lost their loved ones including family members due to accidents. Recently, motorcycles have been causing accidents more than vehicles. Our government needs to put more measures to prevent loss of life.

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Also today, there was a road accident near Kitengela which involved a lorry and a vehicle that was later revealed to be known as RAV4.  This accident has left victims which have left severed injured while others with minor injuries have been rushed to hospital for further treatment.

Those who were using this road reported that the driver of the vehicle came out with some injuries.

It is now the responsibility of the government, to ensure that all measures that involve road accidents are put on to protect Kenyan life.

All drivers are urged to be more careful, ensure that they adhere to road measures to avoid being involved in a road accident.

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