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"I Have Been Accused Of Being Devil Worshipper Because of Behaving Like a Lady" Young Man Confess

A young man by the name Nesh has confessed of being accused of being a devil worshipper just because he behaves like a lady yet he's man.

According to Nesh he has tried going for deliverance in different churches where he claims people always see him behaving like a lady although himself he feels like he a gentleman but to people they see something different in him.

Due to his condition, Nesh claims he does not engage himself in any romantic relationship since whatever he does he always feel that it's ungodly but he has no one to share his story with and yet he has tried everything to get help but he has never succeeded.

Nesh claims his relatives accused him of being a devil worshipper after posing for a photo like a lady where he claims he never noticed anything different from a man while posing for the photo.

His relatives spread the rumour in the whole village of how he had become a devil worshipper and up to date he feels angry since all he needed from them was to console and understand him but instead they ashamed him.

Nesh is ready for anyone who will help him to get a normal life where he claims he has visited different hospitals but all the doctors tell him is to accept himself the way he is but he cannot take it anymore.


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