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Reasons Why Murang'a Woman Are Crying Over Shortage Of Men In The County

Women organisation in Murang'a county have warned of marriage crisis in the County if the number of men continues dwindling. In the 2019 Kenya Population and Housing Census report, numbers revealed that Kenya’s population has more women than men in almost all counties. The number of women continues to outstrip males with the gap becoming quite significant by age 65 and even more pronounced by age 80 years.

Right now Murang'a county is being faced with a deficit of 8,729 men. The shortage of men in Murang'a is attributed to increased imprisonment and mob lynching of young men leading to their reducing numbers. The deficit is credited to emergence of vigilante groups in the county. The avenger groupings have been taking law on their hands and end up reducing the male population through mob lynching.

Also Alcoholism is one of factors hampering population growth in Murang’a County. Right now the county is the dumpsite of all types of cheap liquor and has illegal distilleries in many villages. This has led to a section of men within the age bracket of 20 to 45 years indulging themselves into alcoholism which has reduced them to irresponsible and unproductive people. Alcohol abuse among young men has also been linked to road accidents fatalities and HIV deaths due to risky sex behaviour. All these have led to Husbands being in high demand and single women are flocking even churches on the hunt to get perhaps responsible men.

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