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Meet Alice Nyambura Pleading For Help To Be Rescued From Saudi Arabian Hospital (Video)

Arab countries have been known to employ domestic workers from mostly Africa and most of the time these ladies go through a lot while working there.

In the recent past, we have seen different ladies coming forward to ask for help to be rescued from their bosses who mostly torture them telling them that they were bought.

This is termed as modern day slavery because these girls are being tortured and even killed. Today there has been a heartbreaking video circulating on Facebook.

The video shows a girl by the name Alice Nyambura Kahiga who was dumped at the hospital in Saudi Arabia. She says there is no one to take care of her and even the nurses don't care about her.

She's pleading with anyone who can help her come back home instead of dying from there. She is very weak and even cannot talk very well but they have not established what she is suffering from.

Many people have come forward to pray for her and wish her a quick recovery and that God will send a guardian angel to save her and find her way home.

Link of video

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