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Sammy Ondimu Ngare: Good deeds can indeed change the world

A policeman by the name of Sammy Ondimu has continued to touch the lives of Kenyans in good ways.

In recent times, the police have been blamed for being too overeager while releasing their obligations. Instances of police severity have been accounted for and broadcasted both on the traditional press and web-based media stages with the latest being the Kianjokoma brothers who allegedly died in the police hands. This has carried an impurity to the calling with many individuals accepting that cops are simply commonly insensitive or heartless. Its usually said that one spoilt potato spoils the rest but Sammy is defying the statement by proving that one good deed can in fact change the bad perception.

Sammy Ngare is one respectable organization cop whose activities ought to be copied by his kindred law masters and the overall population. He has over the course of the years broken the well-known thought that cops are simply unfeeling. On the off chance that in the wake of paying attention to his story and seeing the things he has accomplished for the general public, you actually think all cops are brutal then you are only a pessimist.


Sammy, not only keen on carrying out his responsibilities as a cop yet additionally enthusiastic about working on the existence of those out of luck. He has changed the lives of many people and offered desire to the people who might somehow or another have surrendered.

He has in the past helped pay hospital bills for people who could not afford it, built houses for some homeless people among many more. In him, people can now see it is not all lost on our police department but now feel that there is still some humanity left.

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Sammy Ondimu Sammy Ondimu Ngare


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