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Man Admits He Assaulted His Friend For Having An Affair With His Wife

Tragedy in Nairobi. Man beaten up by him friend.

Going by the reports, the man's names are Anthony Mwaniki Nyaga. While his friend's names are Evance Nduto Muasya.

So far, Anthony has admitted that he assaulted Evance for having an affair with his wife, on November 11.

According to Anthony, Evance had been seeing the wife, behind his back. Therefore he got worked up and decided to do something about it.

Narrating the scene;

Therefore, Anthony waited for Evance while armed with a stone. At the time, Evance was heading to his house.

Therefore, he stopped him and asked him why he was having an affair with his wife but before Evance could defend himself, Anthony hit him on the lower side of the eye, injuring him.

Afterwards, Evance cried for help from passersby who intervened and rescued him.

In conclusion, Evance later reported the incident to police officers.

As a result, Anthony was arrested and taken to court where he admitted to assaulting Evance for having an affair with his wife.

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