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Strange Thing Done To A Person Who Has Committed Suicide Among The Luhya Culture

The Luhya community is one the Bantu speakers found in Western region of the Republic of Kenya bordering other communities like the Nandi, Luo and Iteso. It's the community which values the dead and acknowledges the death as a sacred stage of transition where the departed soul of the family member leaves the world to join the spirit world. This is to mean that they believe that it's only God who can take away someone's life.

The community also strongly believe in the direct relationship between the dead and the living. In the circumstances when a member of the community has committed suicide either by self-poisoning, hanging or drowning in water, there are unique rituals that are conducted on the body before laying it to rest.

The body is thoroughly whipped while chanting the traditional funeral song. The body is burried at odd hours to cast away the evil spirit that drove the person to commit suicide. There is no family members who is allowed to witness the burial of the departed one.

The person who also discovered the body in case the dead person drowned is given a cow and a ram as part of the rituals performed.

What do you think about whipping of the dead when has committed suicide?

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