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Road Accident

Speculations After Traffic Police Officer Is Captured Lying Helplessly In The Middle Of The Road

A photo that have been shared in different social media platforms have left people reacting in different ways as they gave there personal views of what could might have actually happened.

From the photo a traffic police officer was captured helplessly lying in the middle of the road as vehicles sorrounded the scene.

Just as traffic police officers are always known to making close interaction with vehicles, drivers and other road users frequently it seems like he was mistreated and maybe injured in the line of duty.

Actually it seems like a rogue driver ran over the police officers treblily injuring the police officer.

From the photo shared by Shikilia road safety they captioned it claiming that it's reported that a vehicle lossed control at Narok hitting the police.

But is that what might have really happened with a lot of doubt they claimed that there is something they need to know.

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