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If Not Treated, Your Cattle May Die if They eat These 4 Plants

Green plants are the natural food for cows, sheep, goats and even camels. However, not all green plants are edible to these cattle. There are some plants which when eaten, may cause severe problems or even death to the stock. Such plants include;

1. Lupine- The amount of lupine that will kill an animal varies with species and stage of plant growth. The animal will show several signs including convulsion and excess salivation. Poisoning occasionally occurs if cattle lack other feed.

2. Death Camas- Death camas causes marked disturbance in respiration and heart action. The amount of foliage that will cause an animal’s death depends on the species of plant eaten and the rate of consumption. Animals that are severely poisoned usually die while those which are not seriously affected may recover.

3. Nightshade- This plant is not usually grazed by animals. However, animals may graze it under the stress of overgrazing or in contaminated hay. Symptoms develop rapidly and recovery or death occurs within a few hours to one or two days after infection.

4. Waterhemlock- Livestock that has been poisoned by eating this plant usually show signs of poisoning 15 minutes to 6 hours after eating the plant. The toxic substance acts rapidly in such a way that the poisoned animal can not be easily saved. They develop violent convulsions and may die within 15 minutes to 2 hours after signs appear.

These poisonous plants may be eaten by the animal when grazing. They may also be in the hay, so take the necessary precaution. Thank you for reading.

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Death Camas- Lupine-


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