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Truth About Gaining Wealth, Power And Sacrificing Relatives In Freemasonry- Ambrose Rachier.

Ambrose Rachier, attorney and Gor chairman A Freemason with an unwavering commitment 

Attorney Ambrose Rachier has shot down claims that people join the Freemasons to become rich and powerful.

In an interview with NTV's Duncan Khaemba, Gor Mahia's chairman, who joined Freemasonry in 1994, said that the main reason people join the secret society is to help people in need.

According to him, the majority of Freemasons in the United States and around the world are just ordinary, everyday individuals.

"We join Freemasonry to spread altruism. There are a few wealthy individuals in Freemasonry, as well as folks like myself who live regular lives. I am neither a wealthy nor a powerful individual. In fact, the majority of the inhabitants are basic Kenyans, "Rachhier stated, adding that.

Some of them are businessmen, some are doctors and lawyers, and there is no discrimination based on the type of individual you are. If memory serves, I can state that there are few politicians. I believe we have no politicians. A few of them serve as judges in our courts. The common denominator is generous practices, not money. "

Regarding the subject of human sacrifices, the attorney stated that it is a myth, something he has heard of previously but never witnessed in his 28 years with the group. He added that his entire family is still living.

"There is nothing like it, and freemasonry is universally practiced, which is quite remarkable. If you visit a lounge in India, you will see the same customs as in Nairobi. I want to give God thanks for this. My children are all still alive. I have never misplaced a sibling or child, and I am aware of them. My son is 43 years old and practices law alongside me in our firm. I have further children, and I have not experienced death.

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