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Events in a Typical Luo Burial Ceremony

The Luo Community in Kenya are regarded to be the only tribe which has the best definition for fun. Burial ceremonies ought to be sorrowful but one would think otherwise if they attended a Luo burial ceremony. In most instances, when someone dies in the city yet they lack a home or even a proper house back at home, the villagers contribute to either build them a mud house or one covered in iron sheets to cover the shame.

During the burial ceremony, the main point of concern lies in the catering, cars for taking the body from the morgue and care for guests, most of whom are always from Nairobi.

Often, huge tents are mounted at either a separate compound or a big field nearby so that food is ably provided to the mourners. This is often one of the reasons why the funeral attracts more mourners.

In some areas, after the burial, celebrations begin. DJs and Disco dancers arrive with a full set of speakers as a way of celebrating the life of the deceased for the last time.

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