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"I Live In The Toilet With My 2 Children For Six Years Now My Hubby Left Us When We Needed Him Most.

A mother of four kids has narrated how she has being living in the toilet with her kids after her husband abandoned her and the children.

Joy says that they had a good life with her husband but he was alcoholic and every time he came home drunk he would beat her and the children that the neighbors had to call the police on him.

She claims that one day her husband woke up and told them that he was going somewhere and will never come back because he was tired of living with a woman who is illiterate and her work was only to give birth.

They though it was a joke until months went and he never came back they were chased out of the house because she had no money to pay rent since she was depending on her husband.

Joy says that she took her two kids to her mother who is also lives in a poor state and was left with two and they started living in streets until one day she was walking in this village and saw an abandoned toilet and she made it they home.

They covered the pit with some grass and ray a mat and started living there, the children go to school since it free but sometimes they go without eating anything and so its very hard for them to concentrate in class.

She claims that she digs for people to get some money to buy food and when no one offers her a job she sleep hungry with her two daughters.

Joy has pleaded with well wishers to build her a house where she can live with her children and that her only wish before she dies.


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