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Road Accident

"Kulikua Na Giza Na Nduru" Mwingi Bus Survivor Reveals What Happened As The Bus Was Sinking

Some few days ago, the whole country witnessed a massive loss of innocent lives in Mwingi, Kitui county. This mass deaths were caused by the accident which involved a school bus that was ferrying around 40 passengers who were going for a wedding ceremony in Mwingi. According to reports, around 32 people lost their lives with the majority being the church choir belonging to saint Cecilia Catholic church.

Now, some few hours ago, one of the survivors of this accident came out to narrate the how things were as the bus was sinking and how he luckly survived.

As seen from the publication shared by the Tuko News, the young man whose name was not disclosed said that at the time when the bus was sinking, darkness covered the whole bus due to the dirty water in and outside. Due to this, the helpless passengers started wailing calling for help without any success.

On how he made his way out of the bus, the young choir member said that he decided to adjust his safety belt and he started swimming towards the window where he climbed to the top of the bus before being rescued by a team of rescuers.

We are wishing the affected families and the entire catholic church in the country God's mercies throughout this difficult times as we advice each other to avoid crossing flooded rivers to avoid such preventable accidents.

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