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Video: Nairobi Hawker Busted Fetching Sewage & Selling As Clean Water

A video of a man using a jerrican to fetch water at a sewage plant in Nairobi has been posted by the

The man in the video is believed to be a hawker, and he is seen loading the water jerricans onto a handcart. The witness who filmed the video reported that the incident occurred at Umoja Three estate and that the water was meant for sale as clean water. has twitted.

This comes after Nairobi Water and Sewage Company officially gazetted the areas to experience water disruptions due to the ongoing road construction. This puts many Nairobi residents with no option but to trust and buy from the vendors ay price of Sh10- Sh20 for per pitcher.

According to, Nairobi Environment Management Authority, was alerted because of the incidence but said that they will look into the matter and give official communication.

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