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How to prevent electric explosions

In some towns due to careless use of electricity there have been many cases of explosions which has caused alot of damages in some parts of the country

This is what causes electric explosions:

1.Naked wires- this naked wires when they come across water or combine there positive and negative charges they cause explosions

2. Corroded wires-this corroded wire they become exhausted and become loose which may lead to collusion of charges hence causing fire

3.old switches or exhausted switches-this switches are very dangerous to use.

4. Children playing with bad switchesthis explosions are harmful to our lifes .

NOTE: the only way to put off electric fire is by fire extinguisher never use water because it can the explosions to become biggest

The following are solutions explosions:

1 Always have a electric check up very month

2 Do not allow your kids to play with exhausted switches

3 Have your own fire extinguisher in the house

4 Avoid touching naked wires

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