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Latest Photo Of snow On Mount Kenya, Reflects Memories Of Winter Weather

Memories of winter weather among the netizens have been reminiscent after the latest photos of the summit of Mt Kenya were shared in a Facebook post.

One Facebook User who was touring the mountain summit was kind enough to share the photos, to the popular Facebook page "Wanderlust Diaries."

The man clothed in mountain climbing attire posted the photo of the summit adding the caption which reads "To anyone planning to go summit of Mt Kenya, this is the current situation. It's very beautiful, technical, and risky at the same time, the rocks are all covered by snow which is slippery."

According to the photo shared, snow-covered the whole place signifying low temperatures at the summit which are responsible for the freezing of water into the snow.

Netizens were quick to rebuke him for his daring and careless approach having worn the wrong outfits.

One irritated netizen pointed out that"Wrong shoes bro, you need mountain boots"

Another one added "You can't joke with life. Wear something better"

The final one summarized "you didn't even have socks"

Mountain climbing has a lot of requirements before one starts to ascend the summit, such as mountain climbing boots oxygen, food rich in Carbohydrates and proteins, first aid kits among other requirements.

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