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Another Inferno Recorded As 400 Domintory Capacity Of School Set Into Blaze Last Night

Several cases have been recorded where school learners have experienced distruptions due to school fire. Another solar case have just been recorded a night to Friday with one of the renown school got burnt in one of the 400 capacity Domintory.

According to the sources,St. Mary's School Yalla has been destroyed by a fire in one of the dormitories last night which has actually caused distruptions among the learners

Further reports have indicated that the burnt dormitory at the school is said to be housing 400 students as a fire broke out at the institution last night.

This insidence comes just after students have resumed back from their term two holidays which started early Wednesday, a day before the inferno.

Several properties have been destroyed as more investigations are yet to reveal the cause of the midnight fire at St. Mary's school Yalla.

Share the information widely to reach parents who are likely to be having their learners in this institution.

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