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5 Deadliest Roads In Kenya That Have Claimed Many Lives

When visiting Kenya or driving on Kenyan roads, you need to be extra careful as some roads are been believed to be the most deadliest roads so far.

Many innocent lives have been lost, others have been left cripples as human error, poor road maintenance has greatly contributed to fatal accidents. Here are top 5 deadliest roads in Kenya:

5: Thika Road

After official launching of Thika Road by former President Mwai Kibaki in 2012, Many drivers drive at high speeds while others do not have knowledge which lanes they need to drive at slow speeds or high speeds. You will find someone driving at 30km/hr on the fast lane. Human error especially on the part of drivers and pedestrians is the leading cause.

4: Garrisa Road

The moment you join Garrisa road from Thika Road, you need to drive extra carefully simply because of the fast moving buses from Garrisa and matatus from lower eastern. These buses are driven at high speeds and some sections of the road is uneven with sharp corners.

3: Nairobi- Nakuru Highway

Almost every weekend you will hear an accident along this busy highway. Mostly its because the road is narrow with many vehicles but trailers have been blamed to be the main cause of accidents as well as psv vehicles. Since Nakuru is within Rift Valley escarpment, the road tend to have many slopes and many accidents have occured.

2: Sachangwan Road

Sachangwan is along the busy Nakuru - Eldoret road which has been label as a black spot and so far the road has claimed more than 40 lives. At one night more than 13 vehicles were involved in an accident including a Modern Coast bus headed to Kampala from Nairobi.

1: Southern Bypass

Driving at night along Southern by-pass has proved to be risky as you can ram at a stationary vehicle parked in the middle of the road, poor lighting has also contributed to numerous accidents. With the sole purpose of the road was to reduce transit trucks stuck in traffic but some road users have ended being victims of carjacking.

Most road accidents are caused by human errors and as a driver you need to be extra cautious and follow traffic rules.

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