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Problems street families face.

Neglesion has been reflected among the members of Isiolo street families by both the national and county government as well as there society.Where they are appealing for all stakeholders to take responsibility and also help to improve their living conditions as the members of street families of Isiolo.Isiolo county makes it the headline it is rarely about the conscience around the street families.But the growing members of the homeless,their is rise of eyebrows,with the growth of more town centres around the country.

unfortunately comes with a rise in the street families.The Isiolo members of street families wants the attention of the county and national government.However,the individuals,have hard to Intervin in small ways.Hadija who is the founder of pepolato Maini janguani a community based organisation,that from time to time she had to provide feeding programme for the street families at Isiolo.She has worked with street families over the years and saw how the situation detoriarate.

For instance,Salim who is a 20 year old orphan who has a one year old daughter and joined the isiolo estate area,after being chased away by her guardian when she become pregnant.Catherine Kathambi who is 18year old girl,is also raising a child on the street of Isiolo since she was 10 years old.It is noted that many young girls are lied into sleeping with men to get 100 or 200 shillings just to accommodate themselves.

For those who would want to hick-up a formal living have hard hard less acquiring the paper work.It's hard enough being on the street.yet when they look for formal recognition they are found upon with conventional means how to come by the street families.Street families have witnessed their friends resulting to a life of crime and drugs,This is actually on the front side of the county of government and even to safe face the intervention is agent needed with the support of the national government.I will appreciate if you read and share it wisely.

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