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Poorly Built Police Stations Making Escape Easy For Law Breakers Puts Public At High Risk

Our Police Men and Women have been mandated by the law to safeguard its citizens by providing security and apprehending criminals that seek to steal and inflict harm on Kenyans.

Most of the time the police have found themself on the receiving end publicly being humiliated by their bosses and arrogant Kenyans that look down on our officers.

The discussion on the mental health of our officers has been a matter of concern several incidences have made officers turn rogue a case like Carolina Kangogo which took the country by storm before her body was found lifeless at her parents home with a bullet wound to the head.

These cases may be triggered by the fact that police officers are leaving in deplorable conditions, them being public servants they should be given priority of good housing just like the Military.

But that is not the case in various parts of the country where police lack even uniforms, belts, shoes, and other essential items.

If our police stations are properly built it would make it hard for convicts to escape from police custody and also criminals will find it hard attacking a police station if it is properly structured.

The taxpayer's money should be divided equally among all government institutions for proper services to run otherwise we risk having police officers that are mentally tormented and with highly sophisticated guns out here.

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