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Mature Woman Tricks a Younger Man Into Drinking Before Forcing him in Bed and Sleeping with him

In most African communities it's is hard to believe that men are usually assaulted by women whose only aim is to get satisfied by sleeping with them and going away. While others find it easy to recover from the assault, others take time to rebuild and carry on again.

Regardless of age and gender, the act of being assaulted by a person without your consent leaves you in a trauma that makes you see the world as a place of shattered hopes. The recall of the incident is always hazy and keeps coming up in your mind.

Onyango, a 20-year-old man was assaulted by a well-known woman who tricked him into drinking alcohol before leaving his drink with a stupefying substance talked about what he underwent in his stressful adventure to recollect himself and stand strong again.

Police reports indicate that Onyango visited an entertainment joint only for a group of women to lace his drink with cocaine-like stuff, this made him chew blackout, and what happened after that is what he never thinks of imagining. Onyango however reported the matter to the police which led to tracking the woman down.

The 28-year-old Agnes White ( not her real identity), denied being in the entertainment joint with Onyango, however, when a DNA test was conducted, the fluids matched that of Agnes who denied being with Onyango on a fateful night.

Onyango remembers being dragged to bed without his consent and forced to engage in the act with a stranger without protection, this keeps recurring in his mind every year he celebrates his birthday.

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