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Netizens React To Footage Of Nairobi Man Who Shot Guard Dead & Injured Another

The streets of Nairobi have become so dangerous that robbers pounce on innocent Kenyans at any time to steal the valuables they have.

Yesterday, there was another sad incident that left one guard shot in the head, while another person shot by a "stray bullet".

A CCTV footage was released which showed a certain man talking to a woman in front of a shop.

Then all of a sudden, two men appear from nowhere and pounce on his neck as they tried to rob him off.

However, the man brought out a pistol which he used to shoot twice with the bullets hitting the wrong targets.

One of the bullet hit a nearby guard on the head killing him instantly, while the other bullet strayed and injured a passer by.

Netizens streamed to various social media channels and gave their opinion on the incident.

Take a look at some of the reactions;

Peter Thuo Njuguna; Be sure of your target, never point the firearm for a target you do not want to kill. There are some of the basic firearm precautions one has to take if he/she is handling a firearm.

Markas Garvey: Don't bring guns to town.

Ray Armillion: I'm sad the security guard died, but these thugs deserves guns now. They are becoming too much!

Watch the footage in the video link below;

Should the man who tried to defend himself be prosecuted?

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