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Road Accident

Kakamega : Man Who Survived 15 Road Accidents Speaks

A man from Kakamega, Injendi Khaemba, who has survived multiple road accidents has shared experiences about life after managing to withstand the accidents that should have killed him.

During an interview with NTV, the 44-year-old disclosed that he has been involved in 15 road accident but luckily came out as the sole survivor in each of them.

While telling the tale, Injendi who was a boda boda rider until his fatal road accident last year recalled the Kaburengu accident in Kakamega County that took the life of over eight people.

Injendi revealed that a petroleum lorry whose brakes had failed was coming at a high speed and kept swaying from side to side and he could tell which side it would fall.

He explained that the accident that happened moments after he dropped a passenger killed several roadside sellers.

“I was confused, wondering in which direction to duck, before I was knocked down by the lorry. I found myself on the ground writhing in total pain,” he said.

Upon waking up, he looked behind only to see more dead bodies something that left him traumatized.

“People immediately came to my rescue and removed my gamboot only to find my leg had been crushed and broken,” he says.

He disclosed that due to the grisly accident he cannot work as his left leg got fractured. Injendi, however, against all odds, he thanked God for giving him chances to live.

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