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I Became A Prostitute At 16, I've Slept With Over 300 Men And Am Addicted To It- Roseyline Stated

Roselyn cherop candidly narrates how she started doing prostitution when she sixteen years. She is adicted to selling her body on the streets and she has slept with over three hundred men.

According to Roselyn, she was born and raised on Nakuru, her parents were farmers and they worked hard to provide for her education. However due to lack of school fees she dropped out of school.

She relocated to Nairobi where her cousin promised to find her a job. However on arrival she realized that her cousin was doing prostitution and she became confused. Her cousin informed her that life in Nairobi was difficult and she had to hustle to survive. She looked for different jobs but unfortunately she didn't find any.

At sixteen years she decided to join her cousin. She was trained on how to handle a customer by her cousin and her first client paid her four hundred shillings. She was excited about her income and realized that if she kept on with the business she would make more.

"When I received my first pay I was excited because I had come from a humble home where money wasn't enough."Roselyn said.

She resulted to drinking alcohol and sleeping with different men for money. She managed to save some money that she sent to her parents and also rented her own house. Roselyn continued with prostitution till this day.

She said that she is adicted to selling her body for money and alcohol. However the business comes with a lot of challenges. Sometimes she is attacked by her clients who refuse to pay her for her services. Sometimes er clients wife catches them in the act and she is oftenly beaten.

Roselyn claimed that she has tried to quit prostitution in vain. She finds herself back in the business after a few weeks. She has slept with a lot of men and she is always at risk of getting HIV.

She has advised young girls not to engage into prostitution because it can be addictive, and there are high chances of getting infected with HIV/Aids.

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