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Kenyans On Twitter React After A Video Of A Pastor Beating His Followers Has Gone Viral(Video)

A video has been released on Twitter showing a pastor beating females with a whip. The reason for whiping is not known as the ladies seem to be comfortable lying on the floor as they get whipped.

One news outlet by the name 254 Breaking News has posted the video while posing a question to it's followers asking what kind of direction are some of our churches following.

Kenyans have weighed into the matter condemning the act. Most of them have pointed out how domestic violence is being practised in Churches but no one will report all because it's being done by a man of God.

Others have gone to wonder how ladies would accept to be canned and why the congregation was very comfortable with whatever was happening. Checkout some of the KOT reactions;

However much we focus on the preacher, as believers we need to stop tolerating some acts. Remember we are the Church and if we stand against wrong deeds then the churches will be no more and such acts will stop.

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