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Why Extortion Gangs at Matatu Stages is a Tickling Bomb

You must have encountered a group of young looking men and even women at matatu stages directing which matatus to embark and which one not to.

But have you ever tried defying them and considered boarding the other less favoured matatus? What has been your experience thereafter? Keep the answer.

Whenever a matatu arrives at a stage, members of the gang popularly referred to concordi's approach the matatu to load it with passengers. This is with the aim of being paid, failure to which they collide with police officers to implicate the drivers and affected touts.

The groups have grown and taken over all stages in Nairobi. They dictate which matatu shall load and disembark at the public stages a move that has threatened the industry.

For instance in every stage, they may be ten and above soliciting and interfering with the investments which ends up hurting the owners and drivers because money collected ends up not being enough to take care of their needs.

Most of the investors have fallen prey of the group and pressure ending up withdrawing their vehicles.

The gangs threaten a multi-billion industry and if action is delayed, people's empire will crumble. Viewing that in terms if loss of taxes you can equate how much the government shall have lost.

Some members of these gangs are thieves and passengers will always suffer in the hands of these unrecognized group in the matatu business.

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