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Plane Crash

"Aje Sasa?" Kenyans Were Left Confused After This Accident

(Photo| Courtsey)

This post on Facebook has elicited mixed reactions from Netizens. The photo showed a shocking accident that it's not easy to happen. The accidents involved an aeroplane and a car on a road. Cars will always used the road and it will never fly. Planes normally fly and it's not possible to see it on a road unless, it's preparing to take off. But how this accident happened, it's not easy to tell.

(Photo| Courtsey)

What do you think happened until the plane and the car crashed on the road? From the picture, it's seems the plane had an emergency landing on the road and that's when it collided with the moving white car. This is misfortunes and disaster.

(Photo| Courtsey)

Netizens said it's Air-Road-Traffic Accident. Here are some of the reactions from Netizens.

Vickii Rogo: Maybe the aircraft crash landed.

Kipkurui Nobert: Air to land. It happens on cases of misfortunes

(Photo| Courtsey)

(Photo| Courtsey)

(Photo| Courtsey)

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