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"My Uncle Told Me To Undress And Sit On Him. I Refused, He Tore My Clothes And Tried To Rape Me;Lucy

Lucy Wambui from Nairobi Painfully narrates how her uncle attempted to rape her after she refused to willingly sleep with him. He tore her clothes and attempted to rape her.

Lucy was born in Nairobi in a family of seven children and she was the second born. Her mother had separated from her father years before and she raised them singlehandedly. She said that her mother was infected with HIV and since there wasn't medication in that time she succumbed.

Lucy claimed that she was taken by her uncle together with her elder brother as the rest of her siblings were taken to a children's home. He took them to Nakuru where his wife had a farm. They grew food crops ams also kept dairy animals.

She claimed that her uncle enrolled them to school but her aunt never liked them. She used to force them to work in her farm and also denie them food. Apart from that she talked badly of them to their uncle who only came on weekends.

She said that her uncle was very harsh and he would beat her mercylessly when she was on the wrong. What surprised her more was that he would touch her breast as he best her. She never told her aunt about it because she wouldn't believe her.

According to Lucy one day her uncle didn't come for the weekend but instead told their aunt to send Lucy to where he lived to get money. It was a two hours drive and she would be back by evening and she agreed. Lucy went and her uncle picked her from town to his house.

She said that he offered her food after eating he directed her to his bedroom where the shopping and the money was placed. He followed her and immediately pushed her on his bed. He told her to undress and he unzipped his trousers and asked her to sit on his private parts and she refused.

She claimed that when she refused he jumped on her and started tearing her clothes as she fought him back. He was strong but she used everything she has to save herself. She pushed him and hit him between his legs and he jumped off in pain.

Afterwards she took the money on the table and ran off. On reaching town she took a bus to Nairobi and went to her mother's friends and told them what happened to her. The friend was so angry that she reported the case to the police and Lucy was taken to a children's home.

She claimed that days later her brother joined her and they loved there until they became adults. She has advised women not to be quiet when they are abused and they should report the abuser to the police so that they can be protected by the law.

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