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Not Nairobi Alone, 3 World Cities That Uses "Nganyas" As Public Transport (Photos)

Matatu transport in Nairobi is not like other towns and cities in the country. Popularly known as "Nganya",Matatus and buses for public transport have been greatly modified. The Matatus are loud and employs creative graffitis and transformations. They are the favorite means of transport for most city dwellers who find them comfortable.

Nairobi is not the only city that uses such kind of Matatus for public transport. Other cities in the world also uses this.

1. Port Au Prince,Haiti.

Haiti is found in North America and its Port Au Prince uses this transformed Matatus as public transport. Here they known as "tap tap"

2. Dili,East Timor

Found in Asia,this city also uses this kind of buses and Matatus. Here they are known as microlets.

3. Bangkok, Thailand.

This is an Asian country. In the capital city, Bangkok,these loud Matatus are the order of the day.

The common factor in all these buses is that are loud and employs massive graffitis.

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