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Woman Excites Kenyans as She Marries 2 Men Says They Sleep in the Same Bedroom

There have been shocking cases reported by several media houses involving men and women in unhealthy relationships, several institutions have been set aside by the government to help counter unhealthy relationships among youths. It is believed that Kenya has made major steps in the past years to ensure that its citizens acquire relevant knowledge before engaging in a relationship

In a statement published by Tuko, it has been established that woman marries two men and she is comfortable with them. Remi Murula left home to seek greener pastures and never communicated with his wife. When he returned, he found her already married, and now he has to share her with another man

According to one of the husbands, Murula, at first he threw a tantrum, but he realised if he had talked to his wife she wouldn't have done anything like that. Kenyans have expressed different views concerning the matter.

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