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Road Accident

Why Probox Drivers Have A Bad Reputation

Toyota Probox, If not the most popular car in the country at the moment, then I don't know what is. Even toddlers know what a Probox is, and probably not for the right reasons, don't get me wrong, by no means am I trying to say that a Probox is a bad car, because by judging by its popularity and its adaptability to various environs within the country, you may be tempted to declare it the best car for what it is, I mean this car sells by the thousands daily, but can the same be said about the drivers?

Probox drivers are a different breed of people, you may think that you have seen the worst of the probox drivers, but wait till you see how far deep their level of insanity goes, a Probox driver would overtake another vehicle along the highway, and would totally refuse other vehicles from cutting in, neither will they let you overtake them in peace. The probox drivers dangerously drive these cars and believe that the Probox is the superior car on the road.

These cars have no limits to their capacities, or the number of passengers they can carry, the owners of these cars comes up with ingenious ways to fit cargo and passengers enough to fill a minibus, this is the exact reason why some insurance companies require probox owners to sign a declaration of use, in order to help curb the misuse of a Probox.

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