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Senator Orengo's Chopper Pelted With Plastic Chairs In Alego By Agitated Residents [Video]

Drama was witnessed in Alego Usongo where Siay senator James Orengo with his delegation were forced to rush to their chopper to save their colleague Hon Samuel Atandi from being lynched by irate youths.

It is claimed that Honourable Atandi refused to give chance to his competitor to speak at the function but the residents were adamant and demanded the aspirant to address them.

The resident's demands fell on deaf ears of Hon Atandi hence the agitated youths wanted to accost the Mp as he was heading to the chopper. The youths are heard telling Orengo in Dholuo that they don't have any problem with him and that they love him but they have issues with Hon Atandi

This forced the bodyguards who were with the Honourable members to withdraw their guns in order to scare the youths.

From the background noise, one of the youths is heard telling secirity guards to take back their gun because they too have theirs but the only difference is that his is licenced while theirs (youths) is not.

The youths are seen carelessly gathering around the chopper where the propellers are in motion. This forced the pilot to come out and check if anyone is near harm.

Below are the links to the videos.

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