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Police Rescues A Woman Locked Up In Room For 10 Years

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An incident involving a girl exposed to torture for ten years has left many mouths agape on how some people have become evil.

A girl was vulnerable in a tightrope situation of suffering from her parents. They plotted a plan that saw the young woman held as a slave for ten years. A good Samaritan helped Kano police officers in Nigeria on a milestone to save the victim.

The police officers are probing the incident to arrest the mischievous parents for their naughty deeds. The quagmire issue has prompted her parents to be on the run after the crime attracted social media attention.

The young girl was optimistic that one day she would be set free and grappled with the painful situation. Her body was malnourished due to a lack of a balanced diet. This is a good feature of a work well done by the police to fight crime. Kudos to the crime-fighting department.

People are expected to adhere to the recommendations of the law and seize from holding others as hostages.

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