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26 Yr Old Man Took His Own Life After His Mother Fail To Give Him Money To Buy Bhang In Kirinyaga

On January 3 a middle-aged man committed suicide after being refused money for marijuana (bhang).

After his mother reprimanded him the 26-year-old man from Kagio Town in Kirinyaga County passed just a short while after.

The wife claimed her son committed suicide inside their rental home, according to the authorities. She said that the boy was argumentative and provocative in a statement written in an incident log at Kiamaciri Police Station.

Wanjiru mourned I never anticipated he would kill himself over money he planned to use to acquire narcotics.

She refused to part with the cash or comply with his son requests according to Wanjiru.

Wilson Koskei, the commander of Mwea West Police, confirmed the occurrence and noted that the deceased's mother had reported the incident to the Kiamaciri Police Station.

Officers were dispatched to the scene and were successful in removing the victim body. We are investigating the situation right now to determine the facts Koskei remarked.

In Kagio town the deceased's lifeless body was discovered hanging from the ceiling of his mother rental home.

Koskei added that the body had been transferred to Kirinyaga Level Five Hospital.

All indicators point to a suicide Koskei said adding that the investigation findings would be shared with you.

The number of suicides has climbed in the nation despite efforts by the government to put policies in place to stop the epidemic.

In particular the National Police Service which has been severely impacted recently is currently receiving free counseling services from the government.

Psychologists, doctors, and counselors encourage you to always get help if you're having mental health problems. For assistance dial the Kenya Red Cross toll-free number, 1199.

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