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Netizen Whose Friend Was Swept By River Yala Reveals Chilling Information on What They Experienced

There was a public uproar after it was revealed that over 19 bodies had been retrieved from River Yala in Siaya in a period of three months. According to a witness who sought anonymity, she claims that the bodies were usually dumped in that area mostly at night by unknown people.[Photo Courtesy]

However, it has also been reported that the bodies might be even more than what people think. One anonymous person shared with activist Boniface Mwangi while revealing how one of his friends drowned in that river when he was bathing.[Photo Courtesy]

They searched for his body for a long time but before they found it, another 19 dead bodies had been found by the drivers. He say that it is not only River Yala alone but also River Nzoia has the same issue of dead bodies being found by divers.[Photo Courtesy]

The person claims that if it happens that the divers goes downstream towards Lake Victoria, they will unearth more dead bodies. He saya that when they were looking for their friend who had been swept by water, the divers came across other bodies and every time they would sink deep Into the water they atleast come out with one body.

The case of River Yala has now left both the activist and other Kenyans with many questions that answers. They are still wondering who are the people behind the dumping of the bodies and why were the people killed. We hope that the relevant authorities will try to answer these questions after investigations are done.

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