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Pakistanis Under Siege After Breaking Covid-19 Protocols, Police Starts Investigations

Pakistanis living in Kenya are under intense moods after they were caught on a video clip breaking Covid-19 protocols. Police officers have to start immediate investigations over the case to discipline the Pakistanis.

Yesterday night, 4 October 2021, a section of Pakistanis were caught in a video clip while dancing to a 'mugithi' song at an unknown restaurant in Nairobi.

The clip that went viral on social media after the outage for 6 hours; raised many questions as far as Covid-19 rules are concerned.

Police officers have come out to respond and cool the rising temperatures in social media. Speaking on their Facebook page, police revealed that they have started to investigate the incident when the Pakistanis broke rules.

Recent revised Covid-19 rules do not allow public gatherings with many attendants. However, in the shared video, Pakistanis were many in numbers without keeping social distance as required.

Going by matrix, if the police would find them guilty, they will be fined for going against the country laws.

What do you think about Pakistanis being punished while politicians gather thousands of people in their rallies? Please share your opinions in the comments section below.

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