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Kinatwa Sacco Is Taking Over The Ukambani Region

For many residents of Ukambani,the name Kinatwa Sacco is not new to them.This Sacco has for a couple of years been a favourite for many people.

Kinatwa Sacco is a transport Sacco that has its headquarters based in Kitui.The Sacco has gained popularity all over the country for its efficient service transport.

The Sacco is widely known in the Ukambani region.The Sacco's vehicles make daily trips to the capital Nairobi from major towns like Kitui,Kibwezi,Makindu and Mwingi.

The Sacco was formed in 2001 and registered in 2004 by a group of Matatu owners who came together.They had the motivation of changing the Matatu Industry since it had for some time now become known for its notorious behaviours.

Kinatwa Sacco courier delivers parcels all over the routes they travel in in one peace.The Sacco also has a fleet of fourteen seater vehicles that are fitted with comfortable chairs that ensure maximum comfort while traveling.

Their crew is also disciplined and take the necessary precautions while driving on the road.For sometime however,there have been some complaints about over speeding by some of the drivers.

Many Ukambani travellers have appreciated the Sacco for the work they do.

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