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Safest Country In The World With No Prisoners; Everyone Is a Peaceful Citizen

Quite fascinating, interesting and unbelievable at the same time. Well, have you ever thought how wonderful to live in a peaceful country where their is limited criminal activities to a point that every one you meet is a just and peaceful person?

Imagine a siituation where, you wake up one morning only to find yourself living in a country where, there is no criminal activity taking place at all....In fact this isn't far from being achieved as long as we decide to make it our responsibility to love, be just and live peacefully with one another. This country I'm about to talk about should be a lesson to all of us.

Netherlands [Holland] is one of the few countries in the world with the lowest criminal activities to a point that, the country has been discharging its work force following the closure of prisons.

Netherlands as at 2018 was labelled as country with no crime, no prisons because everyone is a good citizen. In fact, Netherlands is on record to have far much limited criminal activities taking place than USA.


As of March 2021, as reported by logically crime in this country had greatly decreased to a point that many of the country’s prisons being closed permanently with many who had been working in these prrisons losing their jobs.

It's reporyed that, the issue of empty prisons reached a point where the goverment consudered inporting prisoners from the neighbouring Norway in order to ensure for continued flow and running of their prisons.

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