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Road Accident

JUST IN: 1 Dead And 3 Others in Critical Condition After a Morning Tragic Accident

Road accidents have been increasing over the past years as they are increasing the death tolls too in the country.On a daily basis, at least an accident is reported in some parts of the country.

It is so heartbreaking to learn that we have lost the innocent people on the tragic road accidents.According to the continued statistics that have been conducted by various organizations,they have come to conclusion that many road users are so reckless which is leading to these increasing numbers.

Many motorists have failed to follow the rules and regulations set by NTSA and the traffic police and due to this reason,we will continuously keep witnessing the deaths of the innocent Kenyans.

Avoiding to the news received,it is said that one person is now death and the other three hospitalized in a very critical condition.According to the source,the truck driver was trying to avoid knocking a lady on the road and tried to pave his way into the inner lane.The truck in the inner lane had no option to evade the other incoming truck hence a rear ram which resulted to the truck rolling over the one courtesy.

During this tragic scene,the two pedestrians narrowly escaped death but secured serious injuries and one driver died on spot.

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