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'Uchungu Sana' Kaparo Declines DNA Test For His Four Children, Fears It Might Cause Division

Ole Kaparo who is the former Speaker has refused to have his four children taken through DNA tests to ascertain their paternity. According to him, it's not proper to take children who are all adults through paternity tests as that might cause more divisions in the family.

Kaparo is clear not all children are his though for at some point he has caught his wife being chewed openly in their matrimonial bed by his friends. Kaparo is clear his wife is a party animal who sleeps with all men around her including young one's just for satisfaction.

He is clear his children are more adults hence cannot be forced to go through DNA tests as such is unwarranted. The two Kaparo and his wife Mary are embroiled in a divorce case that could see them expose more to the public.

Moving into the future it's clear the two might separate as the case is in court but it's not clear if DNA of the children will be taken to ascertain their paternity given Kaparo objections. However it's a matter of wait and see of what will unfold moving forward for clearly this is turning ugly and messy now.

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