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Is this Fake News, Doused Chemical Mask Used to Rob People

It's over 17 months since covid-19 landed into Kenya and changed everything ;No money,High economy because government is trying to recover the lose ,New Education Curriculum and many other Negative impacts we are going through ,Mask is the main a gender and like a new song to everyone that each should wear it to mitigate the spread of the virus ,

But there's a rumor Circulating in social Media that , Unidentified People are going door to door handing out masks, they say it’s a new initiative from local government. They will always ask you to put it on to see if it fits you and It has been doused with chemicals which knocks you out cold and once you're knocked out they proceed to rob you So they warn people that they should not accept masks from strangers because we are living in critical times and people are desperate to take advantage with the aim of making money. Crime rate has skyrocketed, so please be cautious and play safe!,


Criminals are handing out chemicals doused masks to commit robbery during the Covid-19 and no one should accept mask from strangers.


There is no evidence or incident to prove the viral warning. No competent authority has issued any such warning,No any report from National Police Service warning people against mask from Strangers ,No any crime reported or report from ministry of Health that a patient was admitted because of chemical doused .

So from above information ,What are your views? is it true that there are doused Masks ?.for me I DON'T KNOW . 

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