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DCI Reveals Sensitive Information That Has Been Found In The Devices Owned By 3 Venezuelans

The DCI has revealed the sensitive information that has been found in the electronic devices that were own by the three venezuelans who were arrested last month at the JKIA.

According to the report, 19 foreigners and two kenyans had had access to the IEBC system this is after the devices from the venezuelans were subjected to forensic analysis.

The electronic devices include 1TB external disc, one laptop, three Mobile phones, one tablet, a simcard a monitor and six flash disks. The laptop and the 1TB disc were found to have the IEBC database schematic diagrams, IEBC network diagram, IEBC KIEMs kit, username and passwords.

In the phone a chat conversation was found where sensitive and vital information about the IEBC was being shared.

All of the devices from the three venezuelans has revealed to have had sensitive information about the IEBC database an indication that the system was access unauthorized individuals.

It is now left the DCI to give a final report on if the tallying process was affected during the tabulation process.

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