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Road Accident

Video: Scary Scenes as Container Falls on a Personal Car on The Bungoma-Malaba Road

There has been a terrible road accident on the Bungoma-Malaba highway today evening. The terrible accident has not been known the cause as the car appeared to be crashed against a wall by a truck.

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In a VIDEO shared on social media this evening, the graphic image of the two vehicles was just too gruesome. At the time the video was taken, it is understood that the driver of the personal car was still trapped in the wreck.

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The truck's container also fell on the car and crushed it totally as we await details of how many have succumbed. The road is always busy with trucks carrying goods into and out of Kenya towards Uganda.

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The incident shocked the residents of the place where the accident happened. Drivers are urged to be extra careful on the roads to avoid any unnecessary loss of lives and damage to property as witnessed in this accident.

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