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Grade Three Pupil Dies After Being Raped by 22 Year Old Man Who Was Recently Released From Jail

Incidents of rape in the country have been on the rise with the government unsure of what to do in order to mitigate this scourge that has bedeviled our country in the past few months.

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Young girls as well as old women are suffering at the hands of these inhumane beings who see it as every chance to commit this heinous crime which has seen many lose their lives while more have been locked up.

This evening, according to NTV Kenya News this evening, a young girl from Kakamega has been raped by a man that is well known to her and left for dead.

It is reported by the girl's father that the culprit accosted the girl as she was coming from the riverside and this is where he waylaid her and did unspeakable things to her.

The girl was rushed to the hospital where she is said to have passed on while being treated, something which has shocked the entire region.

As per the reports, the young girl was nine years old at the time of the incident and she was in grade three when the suspect waylaid her.

The 22 year old man is now in police custody after they were able to launch a manhunt for him and he was arrested at his home by the authorities.

The man, is said to have been released from jail a few days ago on an unrelated charge and had not been out for long.

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