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Road Accident

Avoid Having Closed Bottles In Your Car, This Is What They Can Cause

Each and every day we experience different types of accidents with different causes. There are some cautions that a driver cannot be told when in a driving school but needs to learn about them manually or practically.

A photo has been posted in a road safety facebook group known as Sikika and it has caused alot of reactions online. In the photo, a closed water bottle is seen under a brake pedal. This is said to be dangerous since once the driver will try stepping on the brake pedal, it will be impossible due to the hard water bottle under it. The impossibility to use vehicle brakes when they are needed can therefore cause a very unexpected fatal accident.(Photo| courtesy)

Through the comment section, it was said that the same incident allegedly killer John DeMatthew and therefore everyone should be careful about it. Below are some of the reactions:(Photo| courtesy)(Photo| courtesy)(Photo| courtesy)

It is therefore advisable to dispose all used bottles in the vehicle because something like this can happen at anytime. If a driver does not want to dispose the bottles, it is advisable to leave them open without their caps.(Source| screenshot)

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