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Road Accident

Huyu Hajipendi; Online Debate After This Photo of a Man Doing This Dangerous Blunder Surfaced

Another problem that should be well handled is the recklessness on our public roads.In this public transport sector,many people have turned to be victims rendering them disabled and dependent.

It is observed that,there are more careless people operating on our roads leading to increased death tolls.For instance,more than four thousand death cases resulting from road accidents are reported annually.

Kenyans have been reporting rogue drivers over and over again,but it seems they would not change since no action has been taken on them.We have even witnessed videos where passengers are being assaulted when they try to speak up against such bad acts on our public transport.Kenya traffic police,need to stand still to their rules so that these incidences might slow down.

There is a heated debate after this photo was posted online ny the Nairobi journal.Here is their question,who should be blamed for breaking traffic rules.The motorcycle owner is seen transporting a couch which he has tied on his motorbike.There is this guy,who is comfortably sleeping on the same couch that is being shipped without any fear.

The most funny thing is that,they are using the public commercial roads where there lives are endangered.

Traffic police should overlook on this matter before we record another cases accidents.People should teach themselves to adhere to the rules and regulations set by the traffic police.These two should face the law for breaking the traffic rules.

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Huyu Hajipendi Kenyans


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