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Nairobi West Hospital Accused of Neglecting Top Cop at the Hospital Gate

The family of Justus Ondimo have laid accusation that it is the negligence of Nairobi West Hospital doctors that resulted in the untimely demise of their father.

I n the home of Justus Ondimo located on Jogoo Road in Nairobi County, family and friends have gathered to help in the fundraising of money to be used to clear the hospital bills and burial expenses. 

In a video recorded by Caleb Ondimo, he is heard lamenting while seated next to the patient inside a van outside the hospital’s emergency area. He is heard pleading with doctors to take quick response as his father health was deteriorating.  They had brought the Meru OCS to the hospital for his regular radiotherapy checkups to the facility.

“So one of the doctors said we are waiting for a stretcher for us to take dad in, then I was like there is only one stretcher in the whole hospital for you to keep someone in the hospital entrance for one hour to just check him out”. Caleb complained.

Action was only taken when Ondimo’s son, Caleb had started recording the video but it was too late since by then the kin were informed that their dad was no more.

The hospital’s chief medical officer Dr. Andrew Gachie dismissed the negligence claims citing the Meru OCS was received and immediately admitted into the emergency unit for examination.

According to Dr. Andrew the top police officer was confirmed dead and so the news was passed to the kin immediately, he further added that such a grave matter would be seriously followed through internal investigations, any other comment shall be revealed after confirmation of facts that led to that incidence.

“We sympathize with the family, friends and those associated with the patient and are continuing to offer our full support including through counseling, as they try to come to terms with this sudden loss,” read a part of the statement from the hospital report.

However according to the family, had the hospital promptly reacted to his father’s condition, late Meru OCS Justus Ondimo would have seen the light of the day.

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