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Plane Crash

Are The White Trails Left By Planes In The Sky Smoke?

When planes are flying, we have obviously seen them leave behind trails of white material that looks like smoke. Since we were young, most of us have known it to be smoke produced by the engines. But is it really smoke?

Just like cars, planes use fuel and as results their engines emit fumes. The fumes are usually very hot when released they condense the air around them. At the level where planes fly, the temperatures are low and water vapour is in high concentration. When the fumes are released by the plane, they warm the vapour and turn it to tiny water droplets that are suspended in the sky. That is the reason we see the trails behind the plane but disappear after sometime.

The trails are called "contrails" the short form of condensation trails. They are different from the ones used to write messages in the sky by planes. Those used to write messages are dense smoke foams jetted by a special gun controller by an expert pilot. Follow my page for more articles.

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