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Methods you can use to prevent your car from theft in Kenya

Due to the high demand for spare parts in Kenya, the number of car thefts have been on the rise. This is manily because there are a number of people who think that the only way to earn a living is by stealing. Even though it is impossible to fully prevent you car from being stolen, there are still some methods you can use to make your car safer.

1. Using warning stickers.

Using sticker to inform a thief that your car is protected might seem very foolish. However, this is the cheapest and the perfect way to fool a thief. This is because thieves know that cars which are protected might always prove to be very difficult to steal. They therefore tend to avoid cars with security stickers.

2. Riveting.

Riveting is one of the easiest methods you can use. This method can not be used to prevent your car from being stolen but it can prevent your car's parts from being stolen. Since there are some thieves who find it difficult to steal cars or they do not have enough time to, some of them opt to dismantle car parts such as nose cuts and side mirrors. Instead of living your cars external parts to theft, you can decide to rivet them so that they are not stolen.

3. Use of catguards.

A catguard is basically a flat piece of metal welded under your vehicle to protect your catalytic converter from theft. This is very important since there are many thieves out there who are after your car's catalytic converter. You can also decide to lower your car's ground clearance so as to discourage thieves from stealing it.

4. Installing a security system.

The most common security feature that you will see on most cars is the alarm. Apart from that, there are many car security companies that offer additional services such as remote lock and tracking systems. You can also decide to install a cut-out so that no one starts your car.

Even though there are many methods to prevent your car from being stolen, you should always know that no method is fullproof. Most methods only slow the thieves down but cannot fully prevent car theft.

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