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"Alisema Anakunywa Ya Mwisho'' Lady Painfully Narrates How His Husband Died

It is true that the illicit brews has been an alarming issues in the country that have been condemned by the rule of law.There are Kenyans who are addicted to illicit brews and therefore they should get proper education on the side effects.

A widow in west Pokot painfully narrated the last moment with her husband that went and drank the illicit brews that led to his death.She said that husband told him that he was going to take the last drink and he will not take again.The chief of the Chepareria disclosed that the illicit brews that is popularly known as 'kali kali' has claimed a number of lives in the region.

It is noe high time the Kenyan people to ensure that before they indulge in any form if drinking,they should have a wide knowledge ok the side effects of the illicit brews.The relevant authorities should be much determined to eradicate the use of illicit brews in the country.

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Alisema Anakunywa Ya Mwisho Kenyan Pokot


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